Recognize Imperfections

This may go against intuition, but it is vital that you recognize the imperfections of your relationship. However, focus on your own imperfections and not those of your spouse. When you accept that you are not perfect yourself, it is easier to accept that same fact about your spouse. It also makes it easier for you to tackle and overcome character traits that may be causing friction in your relationship.

Communicate Everyday

Communication issues are a top complaint among divorcing couples. Making communication a top concern can help couples air the things that are bothering them, discuss upcoming events, and make important family decisions together, while weighing the pros and cons. If you aren’t a good communicator, make it a priority to learn by taking classes, reading a book, or going to counseling.

Put Your Relationship First

Prioritize your life so your relationship is always on top. Work, school, kids, and other family responsibilities can be overwhelming; however, those who decide to put their relationship first, above all else, find that every other part of their life tends to work more smoothly. When couples put their relationships last, family law attorneys and court judges will be deciding what is best for their future.

Remember Why You Married

If you make it a point to remember why you chose to marry your spouse, your relationship could be much stronger. Play with your spouse, enjoy time together, and go out on dates. Look for the good things in your spouse and compliment him/her. When you remain positive and look for the things about your spouse you fell in love with, it will be much easier to conquer the challenges that marriage throws your way.